Success depends on above-average employee input – employees are your most important asset.

Why we are different


Why we are different - Competence

Bavaria Human Capital uses the high competence level of its partners including their personal management experience from industry and retail for hands-on targeted solutions.


Why we are different - Market & Category Knowledge

Bavaria Human Capital´s service Executive Search offers clients valuable synergies by connecting specific market and category knowledge with professional search systems and candidate selection. Both large multi-national clients and family-run companies benefit from this added value.

Market & Category Knowledge

Why we are different - Recruting at Partner Level

At Bavaria Human Capital, recruitment is handled at partner level, i.e. project responsibility always remains in the hands of an experienced partner.

Recruiting at Partner Level

 Why we are different - Client Benefit & Individuality 

Bavaria Human Capital is not organised into profit centres. Our focus lies purely on our clients´ benefit. Competence is then grouped according to clients´ needs. Every client can be assured that the best resources of each team are available.

Client Benefit & Individuality

 Code of conduct 

  • Individuality: Each client and project is individually handled at Bavaria Human Capital. “One face to the customer” – on a personal and partnership basis. 

  • Client orientation:  We focus on the specific needs of our clients, their corporate culture and language.

  • Quality: We aim to not just fulfil objectives but to exceed them.

  • Confidentiality: All information received from clients and candidates is treated with utmost confidentiality.

  • Cooperation: We work together in a fair and open way.

  • Professionalism: We handle our client projects with maximum professionalism.

  • Objectivity: We are objective in all our assessments, remain neutral and take all the facts into consideration.