Success depends on above-average employee input – employees are your most important asset.
- Franz Josef Doll, Managing Partner Bavaria Human Capital -

Our consulting focus


Portfolio - Executive Search


  • In-depth client briefing and development of detailed profile paper

  • Identification of companies and possible targets

  • Contacting of selected candidates and personal interviews with at least two partners

  • Pre-selection based on qualifications and cultural fit

  • Presentation of selected candidates to client

  • Consulting regarding final choice and preparation of contact negotiation/ accompanying from selection process to signature of contract

  • Follow-up conversations to achieve optimal integration

  • Rapid feedback to clients throughout all stages of recruitment 

Methodology leader

1. Client briefing and development of profile
2. Identification of companies and candidates
3. Contacting of candidates 
4. Pre-selection and personal interviews
5. Presentation of candidates
6. Consulting for final choice
7. Follow-up conversation
8. Rapid feedback

Board of Directors / Advisory Board

CEO / Executive Directors

Board of Directors / Advisory Board

Composition & assessment

  • Formation and choosing of supervisory / management boards with exceptional and matching personalities 

  • Assist family businesses in creating a Board of Directors

  • Assist and support supervisory bodies in their tasks

  • Participate in implementing corporate governance guidelines

CEO / Executive Directors

Succession planning & scenarios


Portfolio - Executive placement

  • Detailed candidate discussion and development of a certified candidate profile

  • Determination of the target firms in consultation with the executive (client)

  • Making contact with top decision-makers in the target firms

  • Identification of a specific need and arrangement of a personal discussion

  • Preparation and guidance in the hiring and contractual negotiations

  • Follow-up discussion with the goal of smooth integration and sustained success

  • Prompt feedback to the client (executive) during all stages of the placement process

 Executive placement 

Portfolio - Development of Organisation

 Development of Organisation 

  • Development of Organisation:
    Evaluation of current structure: benchmark analysis, development of future structure and processes for transformation

  • Business Process Analysis:
    Development of future processes, organisational structures and areas of responsibility

  • Concept Development:
    Continuous and multi-dimensional development of organisation, personnel and quality

  • Consulting of job-description and remuneration:  
    Development of a structure (grading) which is adequate for the organisation with remuneration models including variable elements and fringe benefits (company car etc.)

  • Comparison of targets / results:  
    Evaluation of existing job holder and development of programmes to improve suitability for future challenges


 Management Appraisal 

 Management Appraisal Advantages 

  • A management appraisal helps to evaluate the person´s current development possibilities and individual performance.

  • It gives valuable evaluation of management´s current and future potential requirements.

  • It helps directors identify where an organisation´s strengths and weaknesses and core values lie as well as what has to be improved.

  • It gives an overview of the quality of the management team and available potentials.

  • It aids management development and the identification of individual promotion programmes.


Management Appraisal - Methodology


Portfolio - HR Check-up

 Personal Check-Up 


  • Objective assessment of performance and potential of management and staff

  • Clear identification of target compliance and required action

  • Starting points for improving HR process efficiency 

  • Creation of conditions for goal-oriented, efficient work by management and staff

  • Creation of a good business atmosphere, positive corporate culture and enhanced image

 Personal Check-Up 

  • Actual HR situation

  • Corporate culture

  • HR tools

  • Role of the HR department

  • Management appraisal



  • HR strategy

  • Structures

  • HR processes

  • Management systems



  • Development of detailed action plans

  • Execution

 Hands-on diagnosis of your HR processes

Actual situation  

Portfolio - Coaching & Training

Management und Competence

  • Entrepeneurial- & Managementcoaching

  • Job Skills Training & Coaching

  • Emontional Intelligence

  • Coaching the coach

Sell easily!

  • Successful negotiations / Negotiating 

  • Margin & Trading policy

  • Annual reviews

  • Training module Key Account Management

  • Training module field organisation / field force

Portfolio - Interim Management

The tailored management alternative

The application fields

  • Management bottlenecks

  • Business development

  • Restructuring and reorganisation

  • Integration of enterprises

  • Managing programmes and implementing projects

The advantages

  • High operational flexibility, fast ability

  • Calulable costs

  • Fast results

  • Absolute focus on objetives

  • High added value through knowledge transfer

  • Transfer of professional competence and experience